You have ordered rack colocation and need more than 4 IPv4 addresses?

You want to extend your existing IPv4 allocation?

Please fill out the IPv4 request form below and send it to or attach it to your open ticket.

If you have received IPv4 allocations from us in the past, please send a usage documentation of those allocations along with the request form. This documentation should describe how you have used your available addresses on your servers or your services. 

Please be advised that you need to show a usage of at least 80% within your allocation to be eligible for additional address space. Planning for up to 3 months can be considered within your request but no further. Reservation of address space (e. g. following blocks, certain octets) is not possible.

Our colocation services with their maximum allocation size (only applies to new customers): Allocation of a IPv4 address space larger than /29 (5 usable addresses) only with a valid technical reason.

According to guidelines ratified by the RIPE community for considerate IPv4 allocations, we do not accept requests that show usage of deprecated means to address services or servers (e. g. one IPv4 address per SSL site). Please refer to best current practices like SNI to address these issues.

The first allocation of address space is free of charge (only applies to new customers).
If we grant the IPv4 request, you will be charged a one-time setup fee of 49,- EUR and a monthly fee of 1,50 EUR for each usable IPv4 address (all prices excl. VAT).

All IPv4 address space is allocated respecting current RIPE guidelines.